About rsnvp

My name is Rob Crawford. In the summer of 2007, I campaigned for President of Red Sox Nation. Jerry Remy won the election and was named president; I placed second in the election and Remy selected me to be vice-president. What a good guy!

I was raised just outside of Cleveland Circle and on most summer evenings during my youth, I would ride the C-line to Fenway Park with my father and brother, Ben, to buy ?standing room only? tickets and stand directly under the Section 25 sign.

One of four siblings, all of whom attended Brookline High School, I grew up in a Red Sox household where first-reading-rights to the Boston Globe sports section were fought over every morning; serious wiffle ball was played every day after school, year-round; and the only TV shows allowed on school nights were Red Sox games on channel 38.

I taught middle school English and coached youth athletics for the first eight years of my career. Now 39 and living just outside Boston with my wife and five children, all under age 9, I?m an elementary school administrator and I coach in my towns local Little League. The joys of living and dying with the Red Sox continue to be integral to my family?s life.

Some of us were born Red Sox fans, and some of us became Red Sox fans later in life for an infinite number of reasons. Some of know who Jack Brohamer and John Wasdin are, and some of us don?t know and don?t care ? yet love the Sox as ardently as those who have been steeped in Red Sox tradition for decades. For some of us, our main goal in life is to see the Red Sox win the World Series; for all of us, it?s certainly among our top-three. Some of us wear blue Sox hats, some of us wear green Sox hats, some of us wear pink Sox hats, and those of us with really great hair go hatless. Regardless of our particular fashion choices, however, we?re all part of Red Sox Nation, all part of an insane family unlike any other on the planet.