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How Red Sox Nation Is Watching, Far From Fenway

Prior to the ALCS, I polled the 50 governors of Red Sox Nation, plus
our one mayor of D.C., asking them how many games they expected the
ALCS to go, and how they prefer to watch Red Sox playoff games if they
can’t be at Fenway. Now, as we head into GAME SEVEN versus the Rays, it seems fitting to highlight a few of those governors who predicted a 7-game series, and to visualize how fans across the country will be watching the game on Sunday night:

1. How many games do you expect the Red Sox will need to win the series with the Rays?

4 games – 2 votes (5%)

5 games – 10 votes (25%)

6 games – 18 votes (45%)

7 games – 10 votes (25%)

"The Sox will win in 7. We like the dramatic wins. The
downside is we'll wear out our fingernails. The upside is we get to
watch more baseball before the snow falls!" -- Eleanor LeCain, Washington, D.C.

“I’m thinking it’s gonna take 7, and the full 7 at that.  Seems like
no game is over against these Rays until the last out is recorded. 
Great team, fun to watch but we’ll take ’em!” — Nathan Emerson, Wyoming

“This will take 7.  I am really hoping we don’t face 3 or 4 elimination games again.” — Ben Crawford, Virginia

“It’s going to go all 7 and its going to be THE most dramatic, emotional rollercoaster ALCS in a long time.” — Niki Gallagher, Nebraska

“This one’s going to take 7.  Gonna be a dogfight.” Lynn Kimball, Louisiana

“A gut-wrenching seven.” — Evan Welch, Colorado

“This series will go 7…This is turning into a great rivalry. The
Rays are the real deal and have proven that they are not intimidated.”
Ben Maciariello, Oregon

2. If you can’t be AT the game, how do you prefer to watch Red Sox playoff games?

“Watching at home on my big screen TV, drinking root beer and praying!” — Eleanor LeCain, Washington, D.C.

“Since many of the games are on very late during the work week, I
end up watching most of them in my bed in a Red Sox shirt and shorts.
However, on the weekends, I prefer to watch the Red Sox games at a local bar with my family and boyfriend. I usually wear my “The Best Girls Root For Boston” shirt or one of my many other Red Sox shirts while drinking a Sam Adams Octoberfest. — Heather Mascuch, New Jersey

“If I’m not AT the game, I have the same seat at my house that I’ve
sat in for postseason games since ’99. It’s superstition that my mom
stays upstairs for the ALCS and can only come downstairs to watch the
World Series with my dad and me. Call us cruel but hey, if it works, it
works.” — Jared Carrabis, Massachusetts

“I prefer to be at home wearing my Yaz t-shirt underneath my Papi
jersey with the hat I bought just before the all-star break in ’04. I
have a 12 pk of Dr. Pepper and a couple of New Castles handy with salt
and vinegar chips and hot dogs. I normally don’t sit because I am
constantly pacing the floor with my hands on my head. And I carry
around something I like to call the “Mojo Stick” (read about it on my Sawxheads under blogs or rsnksgov.mlblogs.com) — Jonathan Sherman, Kansas

“Either in my living room on the edge of my sofa, with my good luck charm Masha my wonder dog close by, wearing my lucky Boston Red Sox apparel, drinking various Octoborfest beers, and eating a loaded sausage sandwich OR hosting a Boston Red Sox Party
at either of two incredible Bosox Friendly Establishments: Bridge
Street Cafe (soon to be Zack’s & Rocco’s) or at Revello’s Cafe,
both located in Old Forge.” — Bill Moore, Pennsylvania

have an awesome 92″ screen at home, complete with comfy recliners, a
cooler full of chilled adult beverages, and a souped up remote. I
worked hard for this perk and I enjoy it to the max with friends and
family!! HD makes you almost feel like you are there.” —
Lety Haynes, Arizona

“Here in Texas, it’ll be walking into the Fox and Hound here in Houston (Westheimer) with “The First Lady” of RSN, TX by my side. I wear number 9 and the First Lady
wears 33. Shaking hands with the manager on duty on the way to our
section. Making sure the sound is throughout the place and all the TV’s
are set to the Sox game. We make sure everyone has chips and salsa,
spend time meeting all the old and new Sox fans that have come out to
join us from all over the U.S., and make sure everybody is well taken
care of, AND THEN LEAD BY EXAMPLE !!! And don’t forget to take care of
your servers …. that goes a long way…” — John Matthews, Texas
“I prefer watching the game with a
few close friends (people that can handle me yelling at the TV).  I
like to turn up the volume VERY loud, and sit about 6 inches from the
screen – that way there is absolutely NO chance I’ll miss something. I
also need to be holding onto something (especially if the game is
close) like a pillow – and of COURSE I have to be wearing my Red Sox
hat.” — Melissa Rehon, Utah
“Since I live in Honolulu and can’t ever make it to the game, I LOVE to sit on my couch in the living room, get one of my many Red Sox t-shirts on, get my orignal Wally Beanie doll (the first one they gave away at Fenway) down off the shelf in his adirondack chair (same one that Jerry Remy has), put Wally on the coffee table, turn on the surround sound, pour myself a Coke classic, watch NESN pregame, get pumped up, and then it’s game on!” — Jim Silva, Hawaii
“Because I live in Tampa, I have the luck, honor and opportunity to attend the game live, so I will be at Tropicana Field watching games 1 & 2. I will watch game 3 & 4 at a local bar name KD’s Bar & Grill, with my Red Sox gear on baby!!!” — Alexa Jiminez, Florida
“On the couch with my husband and also all three dogs on the couch
– it brings the Sox luck to have all three dogs on the couch –
unfortunately they don’t always know that! Go Sox!” — Karen Kupiec, Connecticut
“Since 2004, my outside layer is always a red t-shirt that says “Fenway Park“. I wore it to Yankee Stadium for Game 7 of the ALCS
and for every postseason game since then. I usually find myself
watching these games alone with a glass of water and a phone nearby for
brief conversations between innings. Honestly, I don’t have a
preference as to where I am, as long as I can watch EVERY PITCH. I
pretty much block out everything/everyone else while the game is on,
taking time between innings for brief conversations with others who
are also watching.” — Benjamin Crawford, Virginia
“I will have to make runs back and forth between my two favorite sports bars, Mulligans and Home Team Sports. I’ll be wearing my favorite Red Sox hat, my 1986 Red Sox WS Pin, and holding my Ted Williams bat.” — Bill Grogan, Lt. Gov of Virginia
“Lying on my couch while my gorgeous wife Alice massages my back, refills my beers, does Red Sox cheers between innings, and the only thing she says is Yes my Governor.…” Marty McLoughlin, Michigan
“Any great Vermont pub will do as long as I’m with friends, but if it’s a high pressure
game where the Sox possibly face elimination, I tend to hide out at
home where I don’t necessarily have to pay for anything I might
‘accidently’ break.”Glen Jardine, Vermont
“In my family room, with my wife Kelly and our two members of Kid’s Nation, Marin and Reed, eating popcorn and drinking Dr. Pepper.”Bob Boucher, Minnesota
“It would depend on the situation. The more stressful/meaningful
the game, the more I prefer to watch at home, alone on my couch so if
something happens and I start to get nervous, I can flip away for a few
moments before tuning back in. If it’s early in the series, I would
prefer to go to a friend’s house or out to a local restaurant/bar and
watch the game with a small group of people.”Rachel Yacouby, Maine
“On my couch. I don’t have lucky slippers but I do have boxer shorts that are starting pitcher specific. For Dice-K I have a pair with sumo wrestlers on them.” Judson Barber, Alabama
“At Nic n Dinos Tripoli Tavern surrounded by 100 screaming Red Sox fans with a line of Jameson as far as the eye can see after each win.” — Brendan Mulcahy, Illinois
“My living room is set up as a great place to watch a game with a
good group of friends and other fans. I like to pack my three couches
with people, grill some burgers, and make some chili dogs. Throw in a
few plates of BBQ nachos and you can’t find a better place (away from Fenway) to watch the Red Sox.” — Garreth Blackwell, Mississippi
“I like being in my recliner with my PJ’s on and my lucky charm (my wife) a cold one (Bud) with a bag of pretzels. GIT-R-DONE SOX.” —  Phil Price, Delaware
“I prefer to watch at home alone on the big screen in HD wrapped
up in my Red Sox rally blanket, decked out in Red Sox gear, drinking
mojitos. That way I can throw my temper tantrums and shed my tears in private when things don’t go our way.” — Niki Gallagher, Nebraska
“I prefer to watch the games in my “man cave” surrounded by Red Sox paraphenalia with my girl friend and my dog and my curious good luck rituals.” — Nathan Emerson, Wyoming
“In any series I watch half the
games at home and half out at a bar so when at home I really like to be
left alone and not talked to, sitting on the floor, drinking a Michelob Ultra Amber or Bud Light, wearing Red Sox gear and yelling and cheering at the TV.  When at a bar I usually go to Middleton Sport Bowl and drink taps of local Capital Brewery or Bud or Coors Light.  When I am out I like to talk and hang out with whoever might be joining me.” — Kellie Hernandez, Wisconsin
“Whether it’s at home or at the bar, I gotta have some buffalo wings!” — Bob Lever, North Dakota
“Home alone (with a couple beers to
take the edge off the nervousness) so I can be really fidgety and yell
at the TV (or the FOX broadcasters, but that never happens….)”Lynn Kimball, Louisiana
“At home, with my 3 sisters and my nephew Jacoby – the newest member of Red Sox Nation – and celebrating a win by cranking the Dropkick Murphy’s on the iPod!” — Misty Haungs, Missouri
usually too nervous to sit so I meander back-and-forth from the kitchen
to the living room, peeking out from around the kitchen cabinets so my
wife and friends can’t see how anxious I am. “Jonny Bravo”
usually comes over wearing his winter Patriots hat (regardless of the
temperature inside or out), we make some wings, salsa con queso, or
other homemade bar food. This year, the beverage of choice will be Sam Adams Boston Lager as it was my good luck charm against, and source of constant harassment from, Rockies Fans last year.” — Evan Welch, Colorado
“I prefer to watch the games in the throng of Sox fans in New York
City whooping it up and celebrating like only an expat community can.
The scope of knowledge and passion among the fans of New York
that seek out the best place to watch games behind enemy lines is
astounding.  I’m constantly amazed at all of the experts, celebrities,
and everymen (and everywomen) here that share the Red Sox as their
common bond.” — Chris Wertz, New York
“I like to watch the playoff games with my son and a couple of
friends.  Everyone comes over and we have a great party with drinks and
food that my wife makes.  Might not get the thrill of being there, but
we cheer like we are.” — Justin Robertson, Montana
“In my media room … recliner/HD satellite….Hey, Brenda …. grab me a beer.” — Hank Larsen, Oklahoma
“Alone in my basement recliner in front of my 65” HDTV,
clutching and swinging my black Commemorative “Crowing of a Champion”
Sox bat from ’05, wearing my authentic home #24 jersey (Dewey and
Manny!) and fitted blue Sox cap purchased from Twins, and sipping Coors Light from a bottle, frequently.” — Jason Downie, Maryland
“At a place that feels like home at this point, Raleigh’s “Fenway South,” aka Fox & Hound in Raleigh’s North Hills, drinking Octoberfest with my buddies from the Triangle Red Sox Nation. Wait, didn’t we all just do that last weekend? Well, why mess with a good thing?” — Sean Bunn, North Carolina
“On the weekends, I like to watch the game at the Charleston Beer
Works on King Street in Charleston. I feel like I’m back in Boston when
we watch there. (A HUGE thank you to Tim, the owner, for getting in Fenway
Franks last week. I never thought I would see a top split roll in the
South!) If there is a game during the week, I am parked on the
couch trying to take minimal bathroom breaks. I am 6 months pregnant.
If I have to be out of the house or away from the Beerworks, I am tuned
into my XM Radio. No matter where I am, I have my Sox gear on.”Traci O’Rourke, South Carolina
“My favorite place to watch the game: with my dad at the ranch
after a day of wiffle ball at Fenway West. Gotta be wearing my Sox hat
and standing behind the couch pacing and powerstancing. I would also
say the one advantage of being a West Coast Sox fan is that the games start at 5:30pm and even if they go extras I can watch NESN post game and still be in bed by 11 o’clock.” — Ben Maciariello, Oregon