Fenway Holiday

The risk of giving my son his first Fenway experience at the age ofthree was significant: what if he was too young to appreciate it and
remember it?

But I was so eager to introduce him to Fenway Park and the Red Sox,
I took the gamble on Father’s Day in 2002. And despite the cool, damp
weather, we had a fantastic time. He stood the whole game; Cracker
Jacks, cotton candy, and Fenway Franks sustained him; he was fascinated
by the wave; he loved the chants, the clapping, and singing Take Me Out To the Ballgame; and although he paid little attention to the action and didn’t understand a thing that was going on, he never got bored.

After the three-hour game, we had the option of heading home or
standing in an incredibly long line under the right field seats to go
onto the field for the first ever "Father’s Day catch." I gave him the
options and let him choose. "Let’s go on the field, Daddy!" (What a
kid!) We waited and waited, but he never complained. By the time we
made it onto the outfield grass, we had been at Fenway for about 4 1/2
hours (which is 9 hours in 3 year-old time).

I recall thinking, while rolling balls to him, chasing him, and
wrestling with him in the shadow of the Green Monster, that this was my
favorite day as a parent. It was surreal. I wished it could last
forever. And I hoped my son would remember it, too.

Fast-forward four months to the fall of 2002. I was sitting with my
son at our kitchen table, a wall calendar in front of us, filling in
the major holidays together. We noted Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s
Day, Valentine’s Day, July 4th, and a few others. When we were done, he
said with alarm, "Daddy, Daddy, we forgot the biggest holiday of all!"
We did? "Yeah Daddy, we forgot Father’s Day at Fenway!"

(No, I didn’t forget.)


  1. mlblogosphere@yahoo.com

    Welcome to the MLBlogosphere and good luck in your big candidacy! Hope you’ll keep blogging here long after the race! Have fun,



    ps, I would delete the trackbacks, they usually only return disgusting URLs…a legacy from typepad version 1.0 that we use for MLBlogs.

  2. jimbocr@verizon.net

    Hey, Uncle Rob! It’s me, Jimmy! I LOVE your blog. It’s totally sweet!!! Good luck! I’ve voted for you the maximum amount (10). Lookin forward to your next blog!

  3. wanfischer@earthlink.net

    So Rob…We know all about you and your family. What are your plans for what you would accomplish for the fans if you were to be elected? (I was on the first list of alleged finalists…) I’d like to hear your plans. I am also a singer and songwriter and a folk music D-J (25 years worth on a National Publc Radio affililate), so I did appreciate your song. But what are your specific plans for the fans? Blog away!!!

  4. Greg

    Congratulations on making it through to the top 10.

    Now — I would like to see you step to the plate and I’m challenging you to answer some of the issues that came up in MY campaign. I’m asking all the candidates. Someone should answer these questions…. and if they want my vote, I’d like to see them answered…

    1) Do you have any plans or ideas to make more game tickets available to fans, or any suggestions that the Sox ownership could carry out?

    2) Have you looked into the current legislation on Beacon Hill concerning re-selling of tickets? What is your stance? Also, what of the StubHub-MLB alliance? Should the Sox enter into it?

    3) Do you have any ideas as to how Red Sox Nation can be united not just socially, but for philanthropic purposes?


  5. nmcadam@hotmail.com

    Great story. It reminded me of the first time I took my niece to a Sox game. It was for her 3rd birthday and we sat in the front row of the center field bleachers because Johnny Damon was her favorite. Words can’t even describe what an incredible day that was. Thanks for writing something that reminded me of it. 🙂

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