Delirious on a Duck Boat

rob-on-duck-boat-cropped-10-30-07.jpgAhalf-hour before the Red Sox’ World Series Rolling Rally began, I
received an email at work from the Red Sox inviting me to ride one of
the 20 duck boats that would drive through the city. (Are you kidding
me???) 30 minutes later, I was aboard the white duck boat carrying
Johnny Pesky, Dom DiMaggio, their families, and the medical staff.
(Getting there on time was no simple matter… but that’s a story for
another day…)

What an honor! To be included among the Red Sox family riding
through the city amidst a sea of overjoyed, proud Sox fanatics was an
experience of a lifetime. And I didn’t just stand there and wave.
Knowing I’d probably never be there again, I got into it: pointing,
pumping fists, whooping it up for two straight hours. A lifetime of Sox
passion poured out of me and I felt an intense kinship with the crowd –
that’s the only way I can explain it. The next day, my voice was gone
and my whole body was sore. Like I said, I’d really whooped it up for
two hours….

I looked into countless faces as we cruised through
Boston, and each one was filled with tremendous joy and excitement.
Thousands and thousands (it seemed like millions to me, actually) of
people skipped work or school and braved enormous, dense crowds to
experience this glorious conclusion to a banner Red Sox season. And
while I could try to wax poetic about it all, I think these photos of
Red Sox Nation, taken by me from the duck boat, speak for themselves
about the incredible experience I had and that all those satisfied Sox
fans had, as well.













Thanks to my former fifth grade student, Morgan Pierson
(who’s now graduated from college), for taking that photo of me on the
duck boat as I passed him on Boylston Street (top of page). I quote
from his email to me: "To be honest, Mr. C., I don’t think ANYONE on
ANY of those Duck Boats showed as much sincere jubilation as you did."
Couldn’t help it. I was just mirroring the emotions of my fellow fans
in front of me, and they were going absolutely berzerk…. After all, we did win the WORLD SERIES, BABY!

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    MANOMAN! What a fantastic bunch of photos! And did you get autographs? And did Robert forgive you for leaving him at school?? And…what an amazing fall it’s been for you, and for the Sox, and for the Nation!!


    Rob, I am SO JEALOUS! But you look like you belong on that boat! I am still unemployed and have almost finished my song about the “old days” of the Red Sox–even before Rich Gedman! LOL

    Hope to see you soon–


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