I Fake A Smile November Until Opening Day…

Some November thoughts from the Vice President of Red Sox Nation:

1. First of all, let it be known that the VP of RSN became a dad for
the fifth time on the same day that Mike Lowell re-signed with the Red
Sox (Novembedrew-bledsoe.jpgr
19). When my new little daughter is grown up we’ll still be talking
about what a great day November 19, 2007 was in Red Sox Nation! (I
lobbied my wife to name her Lowell, but to no avail…. just as I
lobbied hard to name my second son Drew when he was born during the
second quarter of the Patriots’ AFC Championship victory vs. Pittsburgh on January 27, 2002
Bledsoe came off the bench to win that game…. but, alas, our son had
already owned a different name for an hour by the time the game ended.)

2. What Curt Schilling and Mike Lowell did (signing contracts to
stay on a team they love for fewer years and less money than they could
have received elsewhere) is unbelievably rare in professional sports.
How many players can you name who have done this? mo-vaughn.jpg99%
of the time, the player complains "my team doesn’t respect me" and
"doesn’t want me as much as the other team does" and then they say it
has nothing to do with money, but with "respect" when they take the
extra year and the extra $15M. All of us in Red Sox Nation need to
appreciate these guys for choosing US over millions of dollars
that were available to them elsewhere. And I congratulate Curt and Mike
on seeing the big picture. There actually aren’t many people who have
retired as certified Red Sox Legends (and who see the priceless value
of doing so) and these two have put themselves in a position to do just

3. I am THRILLED that the Yankees have re-signed Posada, Rivera, and
A-Rod for the same reason I’m thrilled the Sox have re-signed Schilling
Lowell. The Sox-Yanks rivalry is such a gift to us sports fans in
Boston, and having the same players involved over a long period of time
gives the rivalry real substance. The distinctive story lines that have
already developed involving these players and many of their teammates
will get carried over to another season and now there will be another ending to this particular rivalry’s story.

In my late-’70s childhood, we learned to boo Chambliss, Randolph,
Dent, Nettles, Munson, Piniella, Jackson, Guidry, and Gossage. And
these guys stayed together for a stretch that was long enough that they
were THE YANKEES of their era.reggie-and-bucky.jpg
I’m happy for the children of Red Sox Nation — that their childhoods
will be enriched by a consistent set of Sox/Yankees rosters. This is
part of the reason I was distressed when the Sox traded Nomar, and when
Damon signed with the Yankees. I’m really happy that, for at least the
next three years, all of us in Red Sox Nation will get to witness the
thrill of ninth inning comebacks vs. Mariano, and we’ll get to watch
A-Rod’s daunting figure in the on-deck circle, and we’ll be graced with
the emotion that Posada brings to big games — and that all these great
athletes we love to boo will be wearing the hated pinstripes. It just
makes life better that way.


  1. valkelley@gmail.com

    Rob, I write to you because you were named as VP of RSN. I will give you the benefit of a doubt that there was a shred of integrity to that whole fiasco of an election. Like thousands of members of RSN we gather daily to discuss all aspects of being a fan in the RSN members only bulletin board on the RSN site. For months people have been crying out to you and Jerry Remy to speak to us. To date no one has heard from either one of you. I am sure you are busy (BTW congratulations!) but if both of you are too busy to answer members’ questions then one or both of you should resign.

  2. wanfischer@earthlink.net

    Rob–Congratulations on your new arrival. My birthday is November 20.

    I have to echo Val Kelley’s call for responses from you and/or Jerry, specifically on this madhouse way that the Red Sox “sell” tickets on line. I waited for four hours in the “virtual waiting room,” then I had to leave, because I have a life, then, of course, all the tickets started to appear within minutes on StubHub and eBay! Then, on Sunday, they released tickets to 10 games in September. I waited for two hours, got “picked,” and then the “virtual waiting room” said to enter the numbers in the box to purchase tickets. Guess what? There were NO NUMBERS in the box!!! Of course, no one could get through to the phone number, either. So once again, I am shut out of buying tickets, unless I can find a way to pay five times the face value. Have I told you that I’m unemployed and was laid off? I can’t afford to do anything like that. So I guess I don’t get to go to any games this year with MY SON and DAUGHTER, which is a big joy for me, the same way it is for you. I wrote to Jerry in care of the Remy Report. No response. Now with Dr. Steinberg gone, I have no one to contact directly at the Red Sox–except you and Jerry. Now what??? Any ideas for the real fans and not the corporations to buy tickets?

    Happy holidays to you and your kids. This is a great time of the year to have kids!!

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