A Father In Baseball Heaven

ted-williams-statue-at-city-of-palms-park-el-swifterino.jpgYouwant to have a magical Red Sox experience in Fort Myers? You want to go to a place where the players are so close, they walk right past you and even say good morning?  You want to give your kids a chance to
fill a couple of baseballs with autographs? You want to watch the
players stretch, play long-toss, practice pick-offs and and run-downs,
and hear everything they say? You want to mingle with Red Sox legends?

Forget going to City of Palms Park, where the team that’s
Boston-bound practices and plays. The crowds there are so huge, you can
hardly blame the major leaguers for hiding in the batting cages out
back. Instead, head down Edison Avenue about three miles, all the way
to the end, to the Red Sox’ Minor League Complex. This morning, I
strolled in there with two of my kids at 9:30am (admission is free),
and for the next two hours, we (and the 30 other fans there) were in
baseball heaven. Seriously.

As the players emerged from the locker room, every single one of
them stopped to sign an autograph for my boys (ages 8 and 6) and to say
hello. Most of the players are guys you’ve never heard of, but among
them were notablspring-training-autographs.jpge prospects Michael Bowden, Justin Masterson, and Joshua Papelbon, and former major leaguers Tom Goodwin and Billy McMillon.
Did my kids even CARE who they were? Of course not — they were just
thrilled to see pro ball players in Red Sox uniforms up close. VERY

The players split up into about six groups and headed out to six
different fields to stretch and go through their daily drills. From the
center of the complex, you can see all six fields, though it’s more fun
to pick one field and study a subset of players. My boys and I brought
our gloves and a ball, and on the lawn between fields, we tossed the
ball to each other, practicing our fly balls and grounders, playing
monkey in the middle, and just having a grand old time pretending we,
too, were getting ready for the season. Which we were! (Me as a fan,
and my boys as little leaguers.)

A groundskeeper driving past us in his golf cart stopped and handed
a broken bat to each of my children. The bats had the words "Boston Red
Sox" engraved on the barrels. Think they’ll ever forget that?

spring-training-broken-bats.jpgMy 8 year-old is savvy enough to know who Dwight Evans
is, so when I pointed out Dewey to him as he walked from one field to
another, my son ran over and politely asked him to sign his hat. #24
was more than happy to oblige, and he signed my 6 year-old’s hat, as
well. "He’s one of the greatest right fielders of all time," I told my
kids as they gazed at their new autographs. "Lots of people say he
should be in the Hall of Fame."

Tommy Harper was there, too. And **** Berardino. And Frank Malzone.
All of them walking among the handful of fans who were there and all of
them pleased as punch to sign an autograph for a kid or pose for a

At one point, while watching players practice first-and-third
double-steal coverages, a toddler who was near me started to cry
loudly. One of the Red Sox catchers involved in the drill trotted over
with a baseball, gave it to me, and said, "Give this to the kid, it
should stop the crying." I made the delivery and, he was right, the
tears turned to smiles.

At 11:30am, we left the minor league complex and drove down the
street to watch the big leaguers play in a 1pm game versus the New York
Mets. We had a splendid time and the boys loved starting the "Let’s Go
Red Sox!" cheers and clapping for Manny and Youk every time they
stepped to the plate. But the game will probably fade quickly from
their memories. Afterwards in the car, all they could talk about was
their exciting morning among the minor leaguers and former pros, and
when they called Grandma to tell her about the day, that’s what they
raved about. "I met Dwight Evans! And you know what? The minor leaguers do the same drills we do in little league! Can you believe it?"

I think you understand. Today I was a father in Baseball Heaven.

One comment

  1. christianlong2000@yahooo.co.uk

    As a relatively new papa (18 month old son who just happens to be named Beckett) and lifelong Sox fan, I have to say that this post of yours struck home on a # of levels.

    We live in Texas so the opportunities to get to Fenway are limited, but I was able to take him there when he hit one…just so the photographic evidence exists for him to one day say, “I was there, even in diapers.” Thankfully to Sox do come to play the Rangers on occasion, so he’ll at least get this option while we’re down south.

    Just added the minor league spring training option that you described to my evolving papa to-do list. If my Beckett gets to run into Dewey along the way, even better.

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