No More Manny

Manny Being Manny.jpgIn Theo I trust.

If he thinks this trade will help the Red Sox win another World Series ring, then I guess it really is time for Manny to go.

That said, it’s hard to fathom that the Boston Red Sox just let one
of the greatest right-handed hitters of all time — a guy who helped
the team win two World Series rings — walk out the door in the middle
of a pennant race. The Yankees love this trade. Their fear of the Red
Sox vanished at 4:20pm yesterday. Oh, and Joe Torre went to bed last
night with a BIG smile on his face.

I am a fan. I am an emotional fan who loves Manny’s joyful, teddy
bear personality, his majestic presence in the on-deck circle and
batter’s box, and the way he wrecks pitches in the strike zone. I
acknowledge that he was not the perfect competitor during his years in
a Red Sox uniform. His jogging to first base sometimes drove me crazy.
But in the same way a parent keeps loving his kids no matter what they
do, nothing Manny ever did or said made me dislike the guy. It wasn’t
blind affection. It was eyes-wide-open appreciation for a marvelous
player I “knew” better than any other.

I will miss Manny and I will root for him as a Dodger. I hope he finds peace in L.A. and that this trade ends
up being a great thing for him and his family.

Time to turn the page on the Manny years, one of the most amazing
chapters we’ve ever experienced in Red Sox Nation. It’s Jason Bay time.
The 2008 World Series MVP.



    Thank you so much for putting into words how I feel about Manny. I will miss him and his boyish ways and only wish him the best with Joe Torre. I too have been disturbed about the talk about why he felt he had to leave. We will probably never know and I don’t feel the need to know the whole truth. It’s none of my business. I just know I love the game, but I do feel as if the media is demanding actions from the players that probably takes away from the game. I picture the press people saying to the players, “if you make a good play, don’t pick your nose or butt. If you feel the need to swear, do it in your cap!! But I am a just a fan and I will continue to enjoy my team, the Red Sox!!! Welcome Mr. Jason Bay. Have fun with the Green Monster!!


    From what I’m reading on line, this is a trade that had to be made. I am shocked that we gave up Manny and two excellent prospects for one player–which just goes to show how much management was fed up with Manny.
    Fingers crossed for Jason Bay really having a great second half! I am reminded of my absolute shock on the morning after the Nomar trade–and the wonders it did for the 2004 team. (Still wishing we had hung on to Cabrera, but, oh well….)
    I will miss rooting for Manny, the shoo-in hall-of-famer, and the feeling of near invincibility it gave me to have him on the team. Two strikes on Manny? Just made him more dangerous!! Good luck to him. And thank heavens he isn’t in the AL.
    Onward, and let’s hope, upward!


    I will miss Manny very much. I love the way Manny was Manny. He realized that he was playing a game for a living and making a lot of money doing it. I truly believe he knew how blessed he was. Whatever happened in the last month is anyone’s guess, but until you know the three sides to every story I believe you should see Manny for the true person he is. He was funny and always enjoyable to watch and he made the game fun again, because he knew it was ONLY a game! With the economy the way it is, gas prices, and a war going on, Manny brought enjoyment to this life-long Red Sox fan and I will miss him very much. I am so sorry he was traded and probably won’t be able to watch the games without him for a while.


    By By Manny,
    Your “all for me” attitude won’t be missed. Your bat will be and I’m impressed with Boston Management sending him to the NL. I would hate to see Manny beat us down the road. Bay is going to be a great addition.
    Can’t wait for the run for the pennant.



    I struggled for days with the exact emotions you expressed here in your blog. It seemed barely conceivable that the Red Sox could let Manny go so easily…yet they did. How could this happen, I thought? Yes, I was fully aware of the rumors about the 24-1 vote his teammates had, and I knew things weren’t 100% dandy in the clubhouse, but it was still hard to swallow–much like the Nomar trade in 2004 (a whole other blog should be dedicated to the parallels here, by the way)–and I felt a little empty for a while knowing a future hall of famer and one of the greatest sluggers of all time was no longer part of this team.

    Yet, like you, I still had faith in Theo. After all, we had been here before with the Nomar trade that brought us a guy the entire Nation fell in love with (Cabrera), and after the cathartic purging of our sense of loss was done, the Sox went on a historic run that made us all forget about how much we loved Nomar.

    Baseball has a funny symmetry to its course of history that can sometimes be eerily difficult to ignore. The way the fans and team seem to have responded to this trade is so reminiscent of what happened in ’04 that I’m quietly optimistic about this team’s chances to be the first team to repeat since the Yankees. (what a blow to Yankee fans THAT would be!!!) Digging deeper into Sox history, I can’t ignore the fact that the Red Sox of the early 1900s were THE DOMINANT team in MLB, sort of like they are becoming now. Is history repeating itself in both the microcosmic and macrocosmic sense??? I can’t tell. The only thing I know for sure is that I trust in Theo, and that makes me feel pretty good.


    It doesn’t seem to be a coincidence that Manny was demonized in the press the same way Nomar was before being traded away. I believe it is orchestrated so we fans won’t boycott when they dump great popular players!!! I’ll never forget the day of the trade deadline after Theo got rid of Nomar when Jason Varitek was late getting to the park because he said he “was afraid to show up and find out he’d been traded.” When a great player has a fear like that, that proves management is not being up front with the players.
    PS Josh broke his promise to the fans to dance with Papelbon if we won the World Series. Perhaps it’s not too late for him to keep his promise! The fans would love to see him lighten up and do the jig and maybe then he’d be free to pitch the way he did last season!!!


    Yeah I’m about three months late commenting on this but…
    I feel the same way as you. I love Manny. I know he acted like a jerk but that didn’t stop me from loving him. People make mistakes. I’m pretty sure that everyone’s behaved like a jerk at least once in their life…

    I felt pretty empty after he was traded. It was just so sudden and it seemed like something that could never happen. All within one week it went from “He could never be traded” then to “He might leave after this season” then to “He’s leaving at the trade deadline”

    I’m glad that he’s doing well in LA. I’m still rooting for him.
    What pisses me off is how basically everyone in Boston hates him now. Before July everyone loved him and screamed their lungs out when he came up. Now they’ve all turned on him. If the World Series is the Sox and the Dodgers Manny is gonna get booed right out of Fenway.

    I don’t like how Manny’s trade is effecting Big Papi…He’s not hitting at all. We really need his bat right now(Down 3-1 in the ALCS…). After that triple he hit last night, hopefully he’ll start hitting.

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