Ten Straight

I know Jon Lester is a lefty, but tonight he reminded me of Roger Clemens during his Red Sox days. From his poise on the mound to his velocity (regularly hitting 96mph) to his mastery of the hitters, I felt like I was looking at the Sox’s next dominator.

I love Jason Bay (how can you not love him?) and his homer tonight was a shocker because Lackey was methodically ripping through the Sox lineup. I’m glad everyone’s happier with the team’s chemistry and that Tito’s blood pressure has been eased by the trade. But tonight, Manny’s absence in the lineup was extremely noticable. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate Jason Bay. I want both of them.

Ellsbury’s speed was huge tonight: two stolen bases, an infield hit, taking third on the ground out to the pitcher, the great catch in the 8th. This is the guy who will haunt Mike Scoscia’s nightmares over the next several days. He’s got game-changing speed.

This makes TEN consecutive postseason victories for the Red Sox over the Angels. The chances of this kind of a streak, given that the teams are basically equal, is one in 1,024. (That’s the probability of flipping a coin ten times and getting “tails” every time.) So I guess our teams aren’t equal. And it’s the intangibles that make us better. We own them mentally.

The Angels now have to win three out of four to take this series. The likelihood of THAT is remote. The Angels will have to get through Matsuzaka, Beckett, and Lester (again), as well as TWO games at Fenway (and that’s only if they’re lucky enough to win game two or three). Not going to happen.

I thought about Dave Henderson about ten times tonight.



  1. jonjax1@comcast.net

    Any word yet on the start time for Sunday’s game? I’ve got a babysitter to arrange, before I make my pilgrimage north!!!!

    Just wondering… and psyched the Angels WONT be celebrating in person on Sunday!

  2. section15

    Dave Henderson — now there’s a blast from the past! A guy that was never pretentious, was always fan friendly, and was a hero and will live forever in history. Perhaps his homer in Anaheim should be considered for inclusion as a “Red Sox Hall of Fame moment.” I was reminded of the Shoeless Joe character in “Damn Yankees” for a bit…

    I do remember having a brief conversation with Dave down by the LF wall during batting practice in 1987. We were chatting about cars, of all things… and kids came over and asked “Mr. Henderson can we have an autograph” — “SURE gang, all you gotta do is ask!”

  3. amysoxgirl

    “But tonight, Manny’s absence in the lineup was extremely noticable. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate Jason Bay. I want both of them.”

    Honestly? I loved Manny’s postseason production as much as anyone, but aren’t you a little angry that he suddenly lost his injuries when he got to LA? Don’t you think we would have been eliminated a long time ago if Manny was still on the team?

    I’m not trying to offend – I seriously want to know what you, or what anyone, else thinks.

  4. tsw9406atl

    Rob, I thought of Donny Moore, who did the unthinkable later on after giving up the home run to Dave Henderson. He was a good reliever, saw him many times her in Atlanta during his Braves stint, one pitch turned his and Dave Henderson’s lives around.
    Think of the pitchers who have given up those home runs-Ralph Branca, our own Mike Torrez. They will always be remembered for that one pitch, even though all three had good careers.

    Bobby Donlan
    RSNation Governor-Georgia

  5. ted46

    Rob…I’m sure that all of RSN were delighted with Lester & the very convincing & professional win in Game #1; but, a 10pm-1:20am game time is so unfair & exploitive of the fan base. Even a 6pm start for the benefit of the LAA fans would be a huge improvement. As it is, with games scheduled in LAA at 9:37 pm(tonight) & next Wednesday(if necessary), & at Fenway at 7:17pm & 8:37pm on Sunday & Monday we’re all going to be watching baseball very, very late…& for some, not at all. And, of considerable importance, is the impact upon the grade school & high school aged fans, who, with the exception of the Friday game, will either be very sleepy at school or miss classes entirely. MLB can’t afford to dismiss these fans!! Moreover, adults are likewise disadvantaged. I’m retired, & can “sleep in”…but others simply cannot , especially in these terrible economic times. I recognize that the TV revenue implications drive much of this. But, don’t the fans of RSN deserve a far better deal?
    ted rigov RSN

  6. rsnvp

    Dear Nemeamy,
    I knew when I wrote that I missed Manny’s bat that it would cause some ire in Red Sox Nation. It appears that appreciating Manny “isn’t cool” among Red Sox fans. I wrote a lot about Manny before and after the trade went down and people can go back and read what I read — I still stand by all of it. But here are the main three things I have to say about Manny: 1) He makes our lineup a lot better. Period. And Ortiz is not nearly as threatening without Manny protecting him. 2) Everybody has come to conclusions about Manny based on third hand info and based on their own cultural biases. No one knows the truth about what really happened. 3) I can’t suddenly start booing a guy who I loved for so long and who brought me so many thrills. There’s no such thing as “a bad guy” and “a good guy.” We’re all a mix of the two. It’s simply not black and white. And liking Manny isn’t saying I don’t like Jason Bay. I like them both, for different reasons. I’m glad Jason Bay is a member of the Red Sox. Very glad.

  7. rsnvp

    Dear Ted46,
    I couldn’t agree more with you about the times of the games (late at night). It is a short-sighted business strategy. The future fans of baseball (well, at least the ones on the East Coast, like my 9 year-old) are missing the whole thing, except on SportsCenter in the morning. Only the commissioner of baseball could do anything about this, by going up against the lords of money who run the networks.
    — Rob

  8. amysoxgirl

    Dear Rob,
    I’ve read what you wrote about Manny all along, and for the most part agreed with you when you wrote it. But the more I hear from Manny’s mouth and the more I see of Manny’s LA performance the angrier I get. The more of that I see the more I am convinced he quit on the Sox. I was hesitant to believe what the media was telling me, but Manny is proving it. At the time of the trade I had mixed feelings. I had always loved Manny’s bat (of course) and was often amused by Manny being Manny. I was also often annoyed by Manny depending on the situation. What is better than being at Fenway when Manny hits it over the Monster? I definitely agree that we don’t have to dislike Manny to like Bay or vice versa – that would be like saying we have to hate Nomar to appreciate Orlando Cabrera’s performance in 2004!

    And to Ted46 –
    Stephen King recently wrote a column on this very subject in Entertainment weekly that is well worth reading. I’m going to try to post the link, but if it doesn’t work just go to http://www.ew.com and click on News then Columns. It is titled Stephen King: How TV Ruined Baseball.

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