The Sleepless Veep

I wish I had the energy to write everything I’m thinking about the last two games of the Sox-Angels series, but like most of Red Sox Nation, I am operating today on about 5 hours sleep (and that’s the TOTAL amount of sleep I’ve gotten over the last TWO nights), and like most of Red Sox Nation, I have a full-time job that continues to demand my time and brain power regardless of how late I’m staying up, and I have a slew of young children who claim every other waking minute, around the clock. Suffice it to say, WHAT A BALL GAME LAST NIGHT. And what a gutsy call by Angels manager Mike Scoscia is for trying the suicide squeeze with one out in the ninth in a crucial playoff game that’s tied. And will the Red Sox please re-train Jon Lester to think like a nine-inning pitcher? Or at least an eight-inning pitcher? He CAN’T come out of that game. GO SOX!!

Gotta go.



    Thank heaven for the central time zone (1 hour earlier!) and a largely 2nd and 3rd shift job! I’m still exhausted.
    -Jud Barber
    Hoover, AL

  2. RedSoxSouth

    I am with you on this on, I am taking advantage of these couple of days we have before the ALCS start. I have a long weekend, living in Tampa, Florida, is going to be a crazy week?????.. Love it.

    Alexa Jimenez
    RSN Governor of Florida

  3. chowda2stl

    I feel your pain Rob ..

    On vacation this week to enjoy the end of the ALDS and the beginning of the ALCS. But once that’s done, it’s back to the 0300am start at work for the World Series … it’ll be rough but certainly worth another World Series Championship!!

    Johnny Matthews
    RSN Gov’nah of Texas

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