A Day In The Life of a Believer

I have two minutes to write before getting my kids ready for school, and myself ready for work. Here’s what I have to say today:

I will run into and hear from scores of people who will either say out loud, or with their eyes and body language, “I was right to doubt the Red Sox — they couldn’t pull it off after all,” or, “Turns out you were wrong to believe the Sox would come all the way back, eh? ” My response to them is the same today as it would have been if the Sox had won game 7:

“Believing isn’t about being right or wrong, it’s a way of life. And life’s a heck of a lot more fun when you expect the unreal.”


  1. mrwrite

    You’re right, Rob. A major characteristic of being a true fan is believing, even when the odds seem long. I was in the front row in left-center field at the Trop last night, and I was waiting – just waiting – for a clutch hit. Even when Lowrie stepped to the plate with Bay on first and two outs in the ninth, I thought maybe, just maybe, he can square one up and tie the game. My heart broke when he didn’t, and I feel numb right now, but I also rest assured with confidence that John Henry, Theo Epstein and company will put a legitimate World Series contender on the field in 2009. It is impossible to win it all every year, but it is possible to be in the position to win it all every year. That is where the Red Sox are right now because of the ownership group, the front office and on-field lesders like Terry Francona and John Farrell.


  2. ahnohld

    I think everyone in RSN thought we could win right up until Iwamura touched second base to end it. That is probably the most refreshing thing about the new universe we find ourselves in; not only is a loss not a forgone conclusion, but we expect the unexpected. Go SOX!

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