RSN: A Way of Life

Whrb_92207 This past Saturday, I was invited to appear on WHRB-FM’s famous country/folk music show, Hillbilly at Harvard, and to perform my song, I’m a Member of Red Sox Nation, live on the air. It’s always been a crazy dream of mine to have a song on the radio, so I didn’t hesitate to accept the invitation. And it was a great time. The show’s host, "Cousin Lynn" Joiner (second from left), made me feel right at home during our interview, and then we filled the studio with my song…. "we" being my co-writers, Michele and Dan Page (right), plus their 10 year-old granddaughter and my 8 year-old son, all of whom sang backup vocals. Who knows how it all sounded out in radio-land, but we had a blast. I want to thank Cousin Lynn for making it all possible. It was an honor to be on your legendary radio show.

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I was struck by one of Cousin Lynn’s questions. He said, smiling, "So, you’re running for the presidency of a concept?" He was pointing out the absurdity of electing a "president of Red Sox Nation." Today, I thought more about that. Red Sox Nation…. Is it a band of millions of loyal Red Sox fans? Or is it an emotion? A state of mind? A culture? Well yes, it’s all of these things. But most of all, it’s a way of life.  And as I and other members of RSN go through our daily lives, the Red Sox and baseball are literally everywhere we turn. I’m sure your house is a lot like mine….

Baseball gloves are all over the place. Baseball_gloves_everywhere2_2 Baseball_gloves_everywhere_2

Our love for the Red Sox is evident in our closets, where our many hats live, as well as in our laundry baskets and our children’s drawers. Baseball_hats_in_closet_1 Baseball_laundry_basket_3 Baseball_drawer_open_2

RSN calls to us from our children’s walls and game closets…. Baseball_posters_on_wall_1Baseball_game_closet_1

… and from our bookcases and the backs of our cars.Baseball_bookshelf_2Baseball_rsn_sticker_3   

Wiffle bats and balls reside in the yard ("Fenway West")…Baseball_bats_in_backyard2_2 Baseball_balls_next_to_tree_1

… along with the bases our kids have stepped on and dove into thousands of times, imitating Mueller or Crisp or Nomar or Roberts.Baseball_home_plate_in_backyard_3 Baseball_path_to_second_base_1

The kitchen isn’t just where we refuel, it’s where we pore over every word and statistic in the Globe sports section, and where our Kid Nation fridge magnet schedule is displayed proudly.Baseball_paper_and_magazines_5Baseball_side_of_fridge_6

And of course, every night between April and October, the game is on, and with every up and down inning, we relive the great highs and lows we’ve experienced as Red Sox fans over the years.

So yes, Cousin Lynn, Red Sox Nation is a concept. A concept whose essence has infiltrated everything about my life and the lives of many people I know, as well as the lives of millions of others worldwide. That’s one powerful "concept." It’s a kind of insanity. Hard to imagine any other "way of life"…

(Thanks to all of you for your comments on this and previous posts. I have been overwhelmed by your support in this campaign.)




    You couldn’t have described RSN any better. It’s such a big part of all of our lives and who we are; it’s what makes the concept so special, so real.

    It’s so great to see all of the support that a wonderful guy like you is getting from RSN. Keep up the good work.



    Rob,Of the ten finalists you bring the greatest variety of very positive attributes and the absolute required dedication of close to a complete lifetime with and for the Red Sox. In addition, it’s aTOTAL family tradition.


    “Regular Rob”,

    31You are our man for RSN President. Your appreciation of the essence of the Red Sox Nation, your energetic and memorable RSN song, your passionate mission statement/platform, your contagious enthusiasm shared by all the children and adults you will reach, and your lifetime of devotion to the the Red Sox all distinguish you. You are VERY special, and you have our votes!!!

    We hope you win.


    I hope you’re enjoying this magical ride, Rob. It’s so great to watch your “average” Sox fan enjoying this fantastic opportunity. I really do hope you win because you’d make a fantastic President.


    I give you all my votes for President! The person who wins this prestigious title . . . I want that to be a person I can not only look up to, but someone who I can talk to. Will Doris Kearns Goodwin return my emails? I’m not convinced. Good luck, Rob! May your ideals and dreams spread far and wide!

  6. Antonio

    Dear Rob, I see your closets and I feel it very familiar. My house is a kind of museumand my wife think that I am crazy. This is the RSN, a kind of insanity. I dont know why, but we are very crazy, however I enjoy this madness


    Dear Rob,
    Greetings from the Yankee Embassy. As fellow baseball fans our common love of the game is greater than our necessary rivalry. Go Rob!


    Rob – I love your wardrobe and sense of style. Looks like our house – a true Red Sox fan. Thanks for all of your great blogs – you’d be a awesome RSN President!



    Love the pictures – no doubt baseball is woven into your dna. I particularly like the sports pages on teh breakfast table – that is a must for me. I can;t touch the rest of the paper until that is out of the way – Go Regular Rob – you are inspiring us all…….


    Your house is what my house would look like if my husband were a sports fan. Instead, the jerseys are all in drawers and the rest of my stuff is in the closets. I was downstairs yesterday, in the basement, and found an old Red Sox yearbook with Dwight Evans on the cover. The earliest one I have is from 1963. I think my mother threw out the first ones I bought in 1961 and 1962, so I learned how to squirrel (not the Yankee stadium one!) them away. I wish I could come to the debate. What fun that will be! I won’t even be able to watch it because I can’t get NESN. I hope you’ll use your good liberal arts education in the debate. Tim Russert’s son goes to Boston College, from which my husband and daughter both graduated. Have fun at the debate!



    Great to see that all kinds of support is still rolling in for you, Rob. Best of luck at the debate tomorrow. I know you’ll do an incredible job, just as you have all along!



    Hey Rob,

    If anyone has the enthusiasm to be president of Red Sox Nation it’s you!

    All the best!



    After reading your blogs, it has become very obvious that you have what it takes to be President of Red Sox Nation – passion, enthusiasm and determination. I would be proud to call you my President for the next year. Everyone down here in RSN South is pulling for you!



    Yes, you would be president of a concept, but a concept, which you have substantially participated in defining. Others over the years may have written at greater length, but you have expressed your feelings, and the feelings of your immediate family, and the feelings of your extended family, and then articulated the feelings of that much larger family, which is Red Sox Nation, in thoughtful words, graphic photographs, and catchy song, drawing even nominal fans into RSN. Thank you. However a mere election comes out, you will have been a Founding Father of RSN.

    Larry ~


    Rob–I was sorry to miss the debate, but I’m sure everything went well. I won’t even be able to watch it on NESN, since I can’t get it out here in Schenectady. I have the celebration of my 25th anniversary on WAMC on Friday, September 28, at the station, so I couldn’t even watch it on line. You have made this campaign very much fun for the likes of us fans (even those of us who didn’t make it past the first round, like me–I have had a blast following this election, really, I have). So…Let’s go Sox, and I can’t wait for Sunday because my son and I have tickets! I hope it’s like the first game I took him to years ago against the Yankees when Mike Greenwell hit an inside-the-park grand slam against the Yankees, and the Sox won, 15-1!

    Best wishes–

    Wanda Fischer

  16. Greg


    You did well. I won’t be able to see the discussion because I will be at the game and will be on my way home.

    You’ve done well, and I hope you make it into the top three.


    Greg Caliri


    Whoo Hoo! Great song, great campaign, great spirit for Red Sox Nation! AND, with the
    support of Doris Kearns Goodwin —

    All best, and may the votes abound, from the Hub of the Hub of the Hub and beyond!



    Dear Mr. Crawford,

    since the time in 4th grade when we created the masterpiece “World Inside a Baseball”, thanks to some handy paper mache (I had look up how to spell ‘mache’ by the way) and the love of baseball, I have always thought that baseball would be in our lives forever. (P.S. this masterpiece magically appeared at my parents home several years ago, I was stunned and very happy it lived, sadly it no longer lives, my parent do though, which is very good)

    While the plan was to actually play for the Red Sox, me at 3rd, you everywhere else, it did not work out that way. If only we thought to run the Red Sox, like some fellow Brookline High School alumni did a few years after us did.

    (hello Theo and Sam)

    I first heard your name mentioned by The RemDawg on air announcing your candidacy, I knew it had to be you. Since then I have been an ardent supporter behind the scenes.

    I know you to be a real person, a real fan, not famous (we should have taken out masterpiece to the MFA) and a **** good guy. Good luck and upon your ensuing victory, I would like to become your driver, a sort of political hack without the politics.

    Viva La Rob Crawford and RSN!!

    Billy Hagerty


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