Goodwin, A-Rod, and an 8 year-old GM

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This photo (left) depicts exactly how I felt at the moment Doris Kearns Goodwin said in her taped address at the presidential debate on Thursday, "I hereby announce that I am withdrawing my candidacy and endorsing Rob Crawford for president."

It was a stunning moment. I don’t remember what I said when Tim Russert asked me for my reaction, but I now know how Clay Buchholz felt right after his no-hitter when Tina Cervasio asked him for his reaction. "Um, did that really just happen?" (By the way, someone should have asked me, What’s your reaction to having Tim Russert look you in the eye and say in a searing way, "What’s your reaction, Rob?")

I have met Doris Kearns Goodwin once, and it was a brief handshake at the candidates’ event last Wednesday at The Baseball Tavern, near Fenway Park. What she did at the debate was extraordinarily gracious. What a
remarkable person she is! Thank you, Doris! And of course if I am elected I will champion your wonderful idea of memorial bricks on Yawkey Way and Lansdowne Street. It’s such a good idea, I think the Sox would pursue it anyway.

Regardless of the outcome
of this election, Doris’s gesture to withdraw and subsequently endorse a "regular fan" whom she hardly knows makes her the biggest winner of us

Click here to read Doris Kearns Goodwin’s endorsement of my candidacy at her Red Sox blog.

Click here to read the speech I gave at the Baseball Tavern last week that Doris refers to in her endorsement.

A funny debate postscript: When I came home and talked with my 8 year-old son about how it had gone, he asked me, "Daddy, what was the hardest question they asked you?" I told him that the hardest question was, "If you had the chance to bring Alex Rodriguez to the Red Sox, would you?"

I told my son that my response was, "Well, my number-one priority is to win another World Series, and A-Rod would certainly help the Red Sox do that. But you know, my 8 year-old son is watching tonight, and he and I attended that game in 2004 when A-Rod and Varitek fought and Bill Mueller hit a walk-off homer to beat Mariano Rivera, and my son would kill me if I ever let A-Rod be a member of the Sox." You sound like a democratic presidential candidate, Rob," said Russert.  "Which is it, yes or no?" "I defer to my son," I replied. "No A-Rod."

When I told my son I had said this, he said,  "What?! Daddy, of course I would want A-Rod on the Red Sox! What are you, crazy?"

Regular Rob’s son for Red Sox assistant GM!

It was a pleasure getting to know the other five candidates who participated in the debate – Cindy Brown, Cheryl Boyd, Jared Carrabis, Jerry Remy, and Sam Horn. They’re all classy people who would be outstanding RSN presidents.

Thank you for your votes at from Friday night through Tuesday at 5pm.

YES! The Sox clinch the AL East thanks to a Mariano Rivera meltdown!

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    Rob – you’ll get my vote.

    Can’t believe I saw you on this site. I’ve been hearing RemDawg talk about this thing for 2 weeks straight.

    I’ve got the DirecTV Extra Innings package so I can follow the BoSox from here in chicago.

    good luck!

    robert kim, section 2

  2. Jared

    I meant every word of it Rob, I really hope to keep in touch with all of you. We should definitely catch a game together next year!


    Every time I read your blog, I smile. Your entire life captures what Red Sox Nation is. It doesn’t come across as a gimmic, or trying to be trendy, or being a fan only in the good times. For you, and all generations of your family, it is a way of life. And it is a remarkably wonderful thing. The fans will be blessed to have you as the first RSN president as your ideas and enthusiasm will affect us all!
    – Megan.


    Being part of Red Sox Nation is a blending of unequal parts of the head (as in logical thinking), the heart (as in “we love our Sox”) and unbridled passion.

    You’ve got terrific ideas and I hope we all dig down deep and use our heads a little more, which will tell us the best, and logical choice, is to vote for you!

    Good luck!


    Rob–For some reason, I got last-minute tickets to yesterday’s (Sunday) game, and my son (he’s a big ‘un–all 6’5″ and countless pounds of him) and I went to Fenway. Then I went to the Hotel Becky (my daughter’s condo) and was able to see the debate. NOOOOOO, WE DON’T WANT A-ROD!!! But you handled yourself very well. I am so happy that I was able to catch the debate. Maybe that’s why it was postponed so many times–so that I could see it! I am working on a new song that you will need to hear. And you can come on my show sometime after the election. I have two favorites in this election, and you are one, the other is young and was next to RemDawg at the debate. I am so happy that I had the chance to meet you all at the Baseball Tavern. What a special season this has been. I will remember it for the rest of my life because I have been able to meet so many great new Red Sox Nation fans–REAL fans–and keep in touch with them because of this little election.



    Dear Rob,
    I sent kudos to Doris Kearns Goodwin for throwing her support over to you, and said that fervent foes have more in common than indifferent unfans, because we love baseball and we love our teams. Being a Yankee Mom of an Orioles son and a Red Sox daughter is great, even though my son doesn’t understand how I can “like” any other team than mine. (Except when they play us. Of course I hate the Mets all the time .} When you become Red Sox Nation President you will do good things for your beloved team and for all of baseball.


    Hey Rob,

    It?s been about ten years now since my Derby days and I still have not forgotten being in the classroom or on the basketball court with you. You?ve always remained a real inspiration. You have my vote. I love the song and all your ideas. I just posted to my Red Sox Nation group composed of a thousand faithful Red Sox fans at Boston University. Hope all is well. Keep up the great work.

    – Scott Goldin

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