I Will Not Demand A Recount

Manny_waves_to_fans_after_hr I just got home from game one of the playoffs (Beckett… wow), and what matters way more than this Red Sox Nation election is that THE SOX WON. My 8 year-old son predicts 11 consecutive wins in the postseason. I’m not going to argue with him.

I wanted to let everyone know that I am extremely pleased with the outcome of the election. I remain blown away by the support of so many people — from every corner of my past and from people I’ve never met around the world — who cared enough to vote for "Regular Rob" and to ask their friends and family members to vote too. If you are one of those people, I thank you. (And I also want to say that no matter who you voted for, you picked a great candidate…. I got to know some of these people and they’re all first class.)

When this whole process started back in July, I did not realize how many connections with old friends I would reestablish and how many new relationships and conversations with loyal citizens of RSN would begin; I did not envision such an enthusiastic response to a song I’d write and record on my laptop in my basement and to Red Sox/baseball/parenting stories I would write on my blog; and I certainly did not dare to dream that a Pulitzer Prize-winning author I’ve never met would endorse my candidacy, catapulting me to a first-place finish among non-celebrity candidates.

I have heard from many people about how "unfair" it was that Jerry Remy participated in this election. But you know what — having Jerry Remy in the race made it a lot more fun for me and the other candidates. And in the end, Rem Dawg earned this — he’s developed a strong, authentic relationship with Red Sox Nation over a period of many years, he’s a consistently excellent baseball commentator, and the fans love him. Yes indeed, the fans have spoken — Jerry Remy is our president!

Stay tuned for many, many more blog articles here at this website, as well as a steady stream of new songs…. I’ve only just begun…..


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  1. nmcadam@hotmail.com


    I have to say that I’m a little disappointed that you didn’t win. I am so very happy for you for having come as far as you did though. You deserved every drop of support you received. I consider myself so very lucky for having met you and a lot of the other wonderful candidates throughout the experience. I hope that we do keep touch now that the election is over. I have a feeling that our paths will cross a few more times and very good things will happen because of that. I look forward to competing with you in next year’s election as well. šŸ™‚


  2. wanfischer@earthlink.net

    Rob–I join Nicole in expressing my disappointment (one of my disappointments of this process was that I didn’t get to meet Nicole, because I missed the Game On! event). Do you really think there will BE a next year’s election? Do you think the Red Sox will ever let US harass them again? LOL

    On my CD, there’s a song called “Friends of Mine.” It says, “But by all those roads, my friend, we traveled down, I’m a better friend for just the knowin’ of you…” That goes for all the candidates and Red Sox fans I’ve met through this process and in my 51 years of following this team. And you “can sing like you don’t need the money, love like you’ve never been hurt, dance like nobody’s watching, it’s got to come from the heart if you want it to work.” You candidacy, and that of Nicole and Jared and Doris, came from the heart. No hanging your heads in shame here!


  3. harry@forsdick.com

    You did win — you got lots of people like me to discover and be inspired by your message and spirit. I sent my view of your message ( http://tinyurl.com/3yv2fd ) to at least a thousand people on several lists I manage and they now know about you.

    Please do not stop: Keep on being visible. There are lots of people out in RSN and beyond who need to have a leader from a Regular Guy with the kinds of values you are promoting. We need to reestablish these attitudes not only RSN, but our USA Nation.

    Thanks for making the effort — Harry

  4. Antonio

    Everyone in the Red Sox Nation is a winner because every fan is the most important thing in this club. Only I wish Jerry Remy dont forget the “regular” fans like you and me. And I wish the club listen the voice of Red Sox Nation. Anyway congratulations for your excellent campaign and your second place.

  5. famousmsw@msn.com

    Mr. Vice President,

    Please let us know when “I,m a member of Red Sox Nation” is available as a ring tone. Congratulations on your VP appointment.

    Thank you,


  6. joshuawgleason@gmail.com

    Rob, you’re a champ. I want first dibs on writing the biography of your life on the campaign trail. You’re too humble. It should have gone to a fan and that fan should have been you. You are without a doubt “the people’s choice” and I am sure that one day you will wear the Sox crown. Here’s to another WS title.

  7. jeffdream@aol.com

    Although I am new to RSN as an “official” member (unofficially for 54 yrs) , you would have had my vote after reading your blogs. Great stuff, thanks for sharing.

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