A Great Jason Varitek Story

Yes, Jerry Remy did ask me to be Vice President of Red Sox Nation (last Friday, prior to game 2 vs. Anaheim), and yes, I did accept his offer, and yes, it’s really exciting. I’m not really sure yet what it means to be Vice President of Red Sox Nation, but I assume it means I should just keep being myself, and I’m determined to make it mean increased opportunities for me to make a positive impact in people’s lives.

But rather than write about this accomplishment — which really means nothing until Jerry and I DO something to validate our titles — I thought I’d celebrate my incredibly good fortune with a fantastic story from Red Sox Nation. I heard a lot of them during my two-month campaign, but this one tops ’em all. It’s from a boy named Chris Stimpson, and it’s right out of a Disney movie that’s too good to believe.

Chris was at Fenway on August 13, 2007, and because his little brother, Sam, had caught a foul ball on June 12th, Chris really hoped he would catch one on this night. And against all odds, he believed he would. Well, he didn’t catch a foul ball, but one of his grandfather’s friends DID catch a foul ball off the bat of Jason Varitek, and he gave it to Chris. "I was so excited, I took the ball and jumped up in the air!" Chris told me. His wish had been answered. But that’s not the end of the story.

On the drive home from the game, Chris’s dad got stuck in traffic. I’ll let Chris tell the rest of the story: "That’s when I saw Jason Varitek stuck in traffic too! Right next to us! We stopped the car and I got out and went into the street. None of the cars was moving so I walked over to Varitek’s car and tapped on the window. To my surprise, he rolled it down and said, What’s up? I told him about the foul ball he hit to my grandfather’s friend and I showed it to him and he said, Let me see that. Then he took out a pen, signed the ball, and handed it back to me. It was so cool. I ran back to my car yelling Thank you! back towards Varitek’s car. When I jumped in my car, I yelled, HE SIGNED IT! HE SIGNED IT!"

I certainly hope that in my capacity as Vice President of Red Sox Nation, I’ll hear a lot more wonderful stories like that one!


  1. dmurphy@hyde.edu

    Great stuff! The Tek is a classy guy who has not lost sight of how important the kids are in the Red Sox Nation! The Murphy family is very proud of our man Crawdaddy! We are fortunate to have known you these past 16 years and are very excited for your new role as our VP of the Nation!!!

    If your administration reflects the policies of the current White House then you will be a very busy man shaping policy over the next season or two!!

    GO SOX beat them boys from Cleveland so we can return to the wonderful world of playing for a championship in the World Series!!!



  2. wanfischer@earthlink.net

    What a great story! I have one for you as well, but this time it’s about Julian Tavarez. When my daughter and I went on a Red Sox Destinations trip to Chicago last year to celebrate my golden anniversary as a Red Sox fan, Tavarez and Papelbon were clowning around in the outfield during batting practice. We went down to the railing by the left-field grandstand. We were having a great time watching them having a great time before the game when a little boy came up behind us. He had a White Sox hat on hs head, and he was quite shy. “Do you want to see a little better and get in front of us?” I asked him. He sheepishly nodded his head yes. So he stood in front of me. Then my daughter and I started yelling at Tavarez, “Julian! Julian! This little boy needs a ball!! Come on!” So after we yelled at him for a while, he came over and gave the little boy a ball. I yelled at him, “Julian, that was WICKED nice of you to do that!” He turned aroung and said, “You ARE from Boston, aren’t you?” A little while later, Papelbon came over and tossed a ball to my daughter and SHE DROPPED IT!!! Hedidn’t send it back up. But hey, it was a great day because the little guy got his ball from Tavarez. I now see Julian in a whole new light.

    Wanda Fischer


  3. ecragan@verizon.net

    So, VP, let us know some of the content of those “eight hours of talks” you supposedly had with the pres. after your announcement last week! (Or was that tongue-in-cheek, along with the secret service?)
    GO SOX!!!

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