My New Addiction

I have a new addiction.

It’s called The MLB Network.

Like drinking gallons of lemonade from a fire hydrant on a hot, dry day.

What’s the point of having over 800 channels when all I need is one?


I have to agree with you Rob! And that the Red Sox have gotten lots of love on the channel so far – it just doesn’t get any better!

Spring is almost here!


I’m guilty as charged with this addiction. I watch it all day on the weekends. I don’t make plans on the weekend so I can watch it. I do my homework in front of the TV so I can watch it. It’s perfect.
PS: Will you be at Florida Spring Training?

I love the new MLB Network.

I am addicted to the show, Hot Stove!

Why did it take so long for the MLB to get there own network.

Hey, Rob – I am in Arizona and I am counting down the days to Spring Training! I want to contact the AZ Red Sox Nation Governer. If you can email me the contact info for that person, I would greatly appreciate it.


Rodney Kinney

Oh, and I almost forgot! Its great to see Hazel May and now Sean Casey as part of the network!

Red Sox Nation – Arizona

I must confess, I am also an addict. I watch that channel as if staring into a mezmorizing vortex each morning, hoping to get more New news and a glimpse of my boys in red. Does that make us junkies of some kind ?

I like the MLB Channel as well; I am hoping that Comcast decides to turn on the HD version of the channel. It is only available in 16:9 SD on Comcast in Haverhill, but I understand that MLB also operates a HD version. Gotta bring that on !!!!


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