Big Salary, Big Lie….Big Deal

The A-Rod news is simply not a surprise. I don’t even consider it to be a massive news story. Show me the list of great players who DID NOT use performance enhancing drugs during the steroid era. THAT is the massive news story. Let A-Rod’s quick admission and apology be a lesson for everyone about how to handle a crisis like this — at least Alex was smart enough to learn from Rocket’s gigantic errors. 


  1. juliasrants

    I’m glad to hear him admit it today, but there are still too many unanswered questions. Why did he suddenly decide to stop using steroids when he went to NY? Did he suddenly become such a great player (unlike the player in Texas) that he no longer needed the drugs? The first step has been taken. Might have been nice if he had admitted all of this during his interview with Katie Couric.


  2. fruitgirl

    It’s such a touchy subject, a Taboo. Were all players in baseball tested on the same day/week/month? Only select players tested? Were they, and are they tested constantly in not only Baseball, but in the NFL, NHL, and NBA? There could actually be many more, even hundreds more than the report suggests that have actually used enhancing drugs that have actually not been tested, or not tested positive at that particular window of time. As fans, we need to be aware that players feel the pressure to perform at a top level every day, or their career goes downhill quickly. In no way am I saying that it’s right, but at the time…I wonder if all the players that were using, were tested. The list should be made public if they are going to “out” A-Rod,because he is certainly not the only one who used. Fair is fair, even though using made playing fairball unfair. Am I clear?


    Rob et al,

    I agree with the sentiment here. The bigger issue for baseball fans is how to reacquire the integrity and natural allure of baseball as America’s game. How can you do that if no one really knows which ball players cheated and which ones didn’t? If baseball is the ultimate backyard game that draws people to it because it has that “everyman” quality to it, then we are definitely in an unfortunate era where that purity has been violated. Are we to believe that only the great players got where they are today because of drugs and pharmaceutical enhancements? I hope not. But it’s difficult to argue against this line of thinking.

    For these reasons I firmly believe that the entire list of 104 players needs to be released in order to “purge” the game of this infamy. I think it would be in the union’s best interests and MLB’s best interests to do this, and the sooner it happens the better.

  4. bluenoser9

    This has nothing to do with this subject, but suggested by members of RSN that I contact VP in this regard. I was wondering if there is any plans to expand the governorship into Canada? There is a strong Red Sox following in Canada, especially, I believe, here in Nova Scotia. We have a strong, loosely organized group called the Bluenose Bosox Brotherhood which currently has (last count I heard) over 100 members. This organization was the driving force behind the World Series Trophy visit to Nova Scotia in early 2008. Any thoughts on this?

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