Yanks’ Improvement Intensifies Anticipation

The quotation Ken Davidoff used for me in his blog was 100% accurate. I did say those things. However, if you could read the full transcript of my comments, the quotes he used would make a lot more sense. He asked me if I think that A-Rod’s connection to steroids will heighten the anticipation of the first Red Sox-Yankees series in the spring. I said, yeah, perhaps a little bit, but what will create much more anticipation will be the new Yankees, particularly Mark Teixiera, CC Sabathia, and AJ Burnett, because of how much they improve the Yankees squad and intesify the rivalry. Davidoff did not misquote me, but he did pluck the Teixiera comments from a longer comment I made about A-Rod’s steroid use being a footnote in comparison to the larger issue, which is that the Yankees are better this year than they were last year, and THAT’S what will create more anticipation on Yawkey Way for the first Sox-Yanks series.


  1. davegwscott@gmail.com

    I remember after the Aaron Boone (don’t say the word!) home run, that I felt we didn’t earn a spot in the World Series, and what made 2004 SO satisfying was going through the Yankees, and then straight through the Cardinals. In 2007 and 2008, I never had the Murders Row dread when the Yankees games were looming. Let’s just say the 2009 Yankees have given me back that old nervous feeling. And that feeling is what is great about baseball and the rivalry. It makes the loses sting, and the victories sweet. If you beat the best, you are the best. If you lose, you’ve got things to work on.

  2. bluenoser9

    Rob, this has nothing to do with the subject, but I thought I would “throw” it out and see who takes a swing. I was thinking (which is quite painful!) that instead of a sticker for RSN members, that a patch would be more suitable. Then it could be put on a favourite jersey, jacket(like my Bluenose Bosox Brotherhood jacket as an example), etc. The sticker limits where it can be displayed. It could be something that RSN members could chose when signing up (either/or) if there is still a demand for the sticker. Anyway, thought I would submit for the consideration of the governors (was going to post on message board, but not sure if appropriate). Any comments would be welcomed.

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